Designed for professionals, Please look after the place and respect the Rules & Guides 

(In return you’ll have an amazing place to live with a Landlord who looks after the building and its tenants)

Not for students unless they meet the requirements of: 

No partying, respectful, quiet, keep the place clean, be kind to everyone in the building. Same rules for everyone.

Noise is the biggest complaint in any building


1. Be quite in communal areas no talking, no phones (zero noise after 10pm)

Please consider other tenants don’t let noise leave your apartment


2. If you or your guests make a mess in the communal areas you must clean it up (including deliveries)


3. Please close doors softly and quietly, Especially late at night and early in the morning


4. Respect your neighbours, keep the peace


Things you must do and what your responsible for 

4. Where is your water stop tap? Know where it is just in case of a water leak. (It will be in your utility cupboard or under the sink)

5. Please be aware of the noise you make so not to disturb any one else in the building

6. Make sure main entrance door shuts properly

7. Clean the inside of the windows at least every 8 weeks - a window cleaner does the outside

8. Clean and maintain your apartment, Its a new apartment so please keep it looking like new

10. Be nice to everyone in the building

 The Rules - Regulations (on the leasholdhold deeds)

1. Not to use the Property for any purpose other than for the Permitted Use or carry on any trade or business at the Property.

2. Not to hold any political meeting or sale by auction at the Property.

3. Not to use the Property for any noisy, offensive, illegal or immoral purpose.

4. Not to do anything at the Property which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance, or cause loss, damage or injury, to the Landlord or the Flat Tenants or the occupiers of any neighbouring property.

5. Not to unreasonably complain in relation to actions of use of the Landlords letting of any other apartment within the Building

6. Not to bring or keep any inflammable, explosive, dangerous or offensive substances or goods onto the Property or Building

7. Not to do anything which may cause any insurance of the Building to become void or voidable or which may cause an increased premium to be payable in respect of it (unless the Tenant has previously notified the Landlord and has paid any increased premium).

8. To comply with the requirements and recommendations of the insurers relating to the Property and the exercise by the Tenant of the Rights.

9. Not to overload any structural part of the Building nor any Service Media at or serving the Property or the Building.

10. Not to do anything which may lessen the support or protection given by the Property to other parts of the Building.

11. Not to keep any animal or bird on the Property.

12. Not to hang or expose clothes or other articles outside the Property or on any balcony or shake anything out of the windows of the Property.

13. Not to stop up, darken or obstruct any windows at the Property or Building or do anything else which may obstruct the flow of light or air to the Property or any other part of the Building.

14. To clean the inside of the windows of the Property at least once every two months.
15. Not to sing or dance or play any musical instrument or equipment for making or reproducing sound or to act in such a manner so as to be audible outside the Property so as to cause annoyance to the Flat Tenants or any other occupiers of the Building.

16. Not to throw any dirt, rubbish, rags, or any cooking oils/fats or other refuse into the sinks, shower, lavatories, or waste soil pipes in the Property.

17. Not to keep or deposit any rubbish at the Building except suitably wrapped and sealed and placed in a wheelie bin in the Refuse Area.

18. Not to decorate the interior or exterior of the Property in any way. Without the prior written consent of the Landlord.

19. Not to put any sign, plate, writing or drawing of any kind on any part of the exterior of the Property or in any window so as to be seen from the outside without the prior written consent of the Landlord.

20. Not to fix any television or radio aerial, satellite dish or receiver on the Building without the Landlord's prior written consent.

21. Not to place any "For Sale" or "To Let" sign on the Building without the Landlord's prior written consent.

22. Not to play or loiter on the Common Parts or make any avoidable noise on the Common Parts.

23. Not to leave any bicycle, pushchair or any other item on the Common Parts or obstruct them in any way.

24. To observe and perform the Tenant Covenants contained in Schedule 5;

25. To comply with all variations of these Regulations and all other regulations made by the Landlord or its agents from time to time in accordance with the principles of good estate management and notified to the Tenant that relate to:

(a) the use of the Retained Parts;

(b) the management of the Building and the welfare of its occupants; and

(c) the use of any Service Media, structures or other items outside the Building that are used or capable of being used by the Building in common with other land.

All the regulations above are from the contract between freehold landlord ( to the leasehold landlords. All tenants must also comply with these regulations.


1. Resident Parking - annual passes not available, but free to park after 6pm until 8am

2. NCP parking to the front - Pay and display, Annual, quarterly or monthly season tickets available

For £100 per month extra added to your rent we will purchase a NCP permit for you (minimum 12 months rental contract)

3. NCP parking to the Rear - Pay and display only (this is the cheaper of the two NCP pay and displays)

4. Motherby lane car park is a council pay and display

5. Free parking - 30 min spots around the area, 1 hour spots on parts of motherby lane round the corner

6. All residential, 30 min and 1 hours spots are free from 6pm - 8am

7. Moving in or out? Ask the council for a parking permit. Email them takes up to 5 days.

8. Bicycles (we will be building a locked undercover bike storage in the rear garden as soon as all the other work is done, so will be late 2022)