Heat Recovery Ventilation system (HRVS)

Today’s homes are built with extra insulation to keep warm air in and reduce energy costs. This however leaves very little opportunity for your home to be naturally ventilated.

Ventilation establishes a good level of indoor air quality and an environment that is free from condensation, odours and indoor pollutants caused by cooking, washing and day to day living. It is therefore important that you have adequate ventilation in your home.

Having the heat recovery ventilation unit installed in your apartment

will not only ensure that your property has good indoor air quality,

it will protect the fabric of your apartment from condensation and mould, thus resulting in a healthier living environment. 

How do I operate the unit?

At installation your unit will have been set to run continuously to a level that will adequately ventilate your apartment for the majority of the day.

However, there will be occasions when the humidity/ moisture levels in your home will rise; this is usually due to activities such as cooking and bathing or showering. During these times your unit has the functionality to increase its extract rates via a boost mode, and remove the excess moisture.

There is a switch in your kitchen and the switch next to your bathroom light.

Turn this on to boost when cooking or showering or when you need extra air circulation. Keep on boost for at least 10 minutes after a shower

What maintenance is required? & must be done

The filters (located on the front of the unit) need to be cleaned every few months

and replaced every 6-12 months. (Maybe change every 3 months if no cleaning is done) The heat exchanger and motor should also be checked every 12 months. 

For replacement filters contact Paul for the price for supply only or supply and install. 

Annual service and filter change service available for owners hhomes.co.uk 

See the two filters on the right, This is after one year. (The owner and his tenants did not look after the machine)

The filter on the right is the incoming air so its so important for a better air quality to keep them clean and make sure the unit does not turn off.

Throughout the uk there is allot of pollution this system is installed to help with that, keep the filters clean. 

The filter on the left is the air being extracted and protects the unit.

This will also reduce the dusting required in your apartment.

Looking after this system protects your apartment and your self so please look after it.

You must Keep your filters clear

They are there to improve your air quality.

They remove smells and Dust and stop mould or damp form excessive moisture from your body, cooking and showering.

You benefit so much from the filters so look after them.

If you forget or cant be bothered to clean them, then you will need to replace every 3-4 months to avoid extra maintenance costs.

Two filters need changing each time.

Available from Paul for £25 per pair.

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