Waste (make sure your bin bags don't leak in the building when taking out, if it does you need to clean it up)

Any waste can go in the black wheelie bins in the communal garden. Make sure the lid shuts.

The Bin men will collect bins from the garden. (Don’t leave a mess or bins overflowing as they may not be emptied. Any extra work will be charged)

Boxs - please folding up and compress before putting in wheelie bins

If you want to recycle ask City Hall for a small recycling bin which will have to be kept in your apartment and put out the front on recycle days.

Council rules from there website

e) Overloaded bins – How much you can put in your bin

You should not put more in your bin than will comfortably fit, with the lid closed. It is acceptable to firm waste down a little to maximise use of the capacity available, but please don’t compress it too much, as it will not come out of the bin when lifted and tipped. The emptying process does not permit us to get in and loosen materials, so if it sticks and we can’t empty it, then we may have to return it un-emptied. In such circumstances customers will need to loosen the contents so that we can empty it on the next scheduled collection day.

In some extreme cases in the winter all forms of waste can freeze into bins. In such cases we will attempt to empty, but may not be able to do so. If this occurs we will make a case by case assessment to see how we can best resolve the problem. It may not be possible to return to make a second attempt to empty until the next scheduled round.

It is important to make sure that the bin lids are closed when bins are presented for collection. Lids partly open can get caught in the collection

vehicle’s machinery and then snapped and broken off. They can also fly out of the machinery, which can be hazardous. We therefore ask for lids to be closed, and may reject a bin where this is not the case.

Please note that the bin collecting and lifting equipment has a specific lifting weight of 100Kg. This is common for refuse collection vehicles nationally, and is in place in order to meet health and safety obligations. Whilst this is not normally a problem, in a few instances green bins have been found to be over weight, and thus it is impossible for us to lift and empty them. In such cases we have to ask residents to check the contents of their bin and put it out on their next scheduled collection at a lighter weight.